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About this campaign

In today’s world where everything is constantly changing, everyone faces challenges day in, day out.  

There are people around us that go through their day with strong spirit. They approach their daily life with a positive attitude and never give up whatever the day throws at them.

Now DanActive is putting these everyday heroes center stage in a new campaign conveying this “stay strong” attitude of positive resilience . Something we all need to get the most out of life.

In a lively and positive way, the campaign focuses on everyday situations that we face day-to-day: parents stuck in a traffic jam, commuters in rush hour, farmers on the farm, office workers on a Monday morning, teachers in the classroom etc. 

The people shown in the campaign take on their daily challenges head-on with optimism. By sharing their positive attitude, they inspire others to move forward with them. These people are all around us. They are part of our life. 

Stay Strong

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